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Achievements of modern electronic techniques and development of technology in the field of microminiaturisation give to technical spying the

possibility of reserved introduction of special electronic devices in premises not only at carrying out cosmetic and basic repairs of premises, but, as, and at visiting of a premise under the pretence of negotiations.


Special devices for information retrieval can be not only are established indoors, but also introduced in souvenirs, furniture, etc.

In this connection it is necessary to make procedural checks not only premises,


But also again appearing in interior and ex-terrier subjects. For the purpose of revealing of probably introduced electronic devices for information retrieval(bugs) Carrying out of special inspection of premises is necessary. Special inspection of premises is difficult organizational-technical action, Demanding not only applications of expensive search equipment, but also considerable experience of the personnel which is carrying out check.


Special inspection of a premise can be divided into following stages:

1. A preparatory stage

The main of prepared stage is creation of model of possible actions of malefactors in relation to a concrete premise

And an estimation of the most probable level used dugs.

2. The tool control
The tool control includes inspection of a premise with use of the special equipment, Directed on revealing of all possible natural and technical channels of information leakage, and also, zone delimitation, in which limits probably use of these channels.

3. The analysis of the revealed unmasking signs

The analysis of the revealed unmasking signs – definition of an accessory of unmasking signs to this or that technical mean or the information leakage channel.


As a result of the analysis of unmasking signs come to light the means, having possibility to transfer the information at the expense of the design features .


It is defined the minimum complex of actions for protection of technical channels . An analysis result is not only conclusions following the results of spent inspection, but also recommendations about increase of security of the surveyed premise about natural channels.


Quality of the spent works on special inspection of premises is guaranteed by presence:

  • Long-term experience of carrying out of search actions;
  • High level of preparation of own qualified personnel;
  • The big park of professional modern search equipment necessary for performance of works;


We take measures:

  • In any time set by the customer (including the days off and at night, not stirring primary activity of the customer);
  • In the shortest terms defined by the customer;
  • During performance of works are carried out consultations of the customer;
  • We conclude contracts on procedural checks of premises

(Necessity of procedural checks is caused by necessity of maintenance of protection of the information);


At definition of cost of works the flexible price policy, an individual approach to each customer is applied.

Specificity of search actions is that, that at increase in the area of a surveyed premise cost 1 m2 falls.

The price 15€ for 1 m2 a floor (the total area of one order – not less than 50 m2. If the total area less than 50 m2 – the price for 1 m2 – contractual) + transport expenses..


A direction urgency in the modern market of safety:

  • For objects on which the information making the state secret circulates – realisation is obligatory
  • For objects on which the confidential information (office secret, personal data circulates) – realisation is recommended
  • For objects on which the confidential information – a trade secret circulates – realisation is recommended