Services to private persons

«The international bureau of investigations»

Will help with the decision of any problems:

  • Debt return (payment after debt payment is possible)
  • Audio – of video of reports, revealing of contacts of the observable person, departure on object holiday destination, carrying out of other actions of personal character;
  • Check of authenticity of the data presented by persons, addressed in services of acquaintances, including services of acquaintances on the Internet;
  • Rendering assistance to parents: supervision over the teenager, an establishment of a circle of contacts, the analysis of behaviour of the teenager for the purpose of prevention of negative consequences (leaving from the house, fulfilment of offences, a narcotism, etc.);
  • Quality check of performance of the duties by nurses, governesses, servants;
  • Search of persons paying alimony;
  • The permission of other situations in an individual order;
  • Gathering of the information on object: check of passport, biographic data, gathering installation and acknowledgement of the fact of matrimonial incorrectness with granting of a photo of data on various database
  • External supervision (the pedestrian, auto);
  • Photo – video observation;
  • Countersupervision revealing;
  • Gathering and the analysis of the information on physical persons/legal bodies
  • Definition of contacts;
  • Check of business partners, revealing of espionage, dishonest competition;
  • Check of candidates at employment: specification of a way of life, check of contacts in the state structures and contestant firms, check of the previous places of work, including the dismissal reasons;
  • Supervision over employees for the purpose of prevention/revealing of swindle, plunders, wastes;
  • Gathering of the information on the organisation from its counterparts (dealers, suppliers etc.);
  • Studying of the information on the organisation from official sources (directories, the Internet, mass-media and other databases of open access);
  • Solvency revealing;
  • Armed security forces of objects;
  • Support and armed security forces of valuable cargoes;


Maintenance of personal safety of physical persons and of public order in places of carrying out of public events