Return, collecting of debts

The international bureau of investigations

Offers you complex service in return of debts and collecting of all kinds debit debts.

For many debts are a consequence of the trustfulness, others have suffered because of unfair partners in business, and someone became a victim of frank swindle.


At the decision of a problem of collecting of debts attempts of an official reference to the court have the lowest efficiency. First, it will be necessary for dissatisfied party to make notable enough financial investment on services of lawyers and judicial duties, and secondly if the debtor actually is the swindler during long processes he can easily have time to тАЬsprayтАЭ actives of the firm, and to translate them on other legal bodies. Therefore pre-judicial settlement essentially increases probability of return of all sum of debts.


Procedure of collecting of a debt represents a complex of actions and includes following stages:

1. Gathering of data on the debtor

Information preparation is necessary for any step at collecting of the delayed debts.

  • Acknowledgement of existence of the company, its status, the registration data given from accounting balance, data from statistics bodies, the information on an actual site of the organisation;
  • Data about presence/absence at the Debtor of real estate or the rights of long-term rent to the real estate;
  • Data about presence/absence at the Debtor of motor transport and techniques;
  • Data about presence at the counterpart of licences, their status, restrictions of use and period of validity;
  • Data on presence at the Debtor of securities and debit debts;
  • Surname and name of the General director and founders of a society, detailed data about company management;
  • Data about constant counterparts of the Debtor, his business reputation, position in the market; the analysis of possible risks;
  • Data about available in manufacture of certain arbitration court of affairs about collecting of money resources and about raised in the relation of the Debtor bankruptcy procedures;
  • Data about causing in the relation of the Debtor executive manufactures.

2. Pre-judicial collecting of a debt

  • The analysis of a situation on the basis of the presented documents with the subsequent granting of recommendations and the conclusion about economic feasibility of carrying out of actions for debt collecting;
  • Preparation of documentary base for debt collecting;
  • Carrying out with the Debtor of a complex of negotiations about debts repayment;
  • Conducting of claim correspondences;
  • Actions for an establishment/acknowledgement of requisites of the company-debtor;
  • Definition of an actual site of the Debtor and his official representatives;
  • Search of property of the Debtor, including for his arrest in frameworks of provisionals court measures;
  • Search of potential buyers of your right of the requirement to the Debtor;
  • Preparation and transaction support on a concession of the right of the requirement to the third party (the cession contract).

To start work and debt collecting in a shot terms from the client it is required:

  • Documentary acknowledgement of obligations of the debtor is there can be a loan contract, the receipt, the delivery contract, payment commissions, etc.
  • Any information on the debtor which became known to the client in the course of partner relations тАУ the actual address, accounts in banks, real estate presence, etc. This information is desirable and will reduce terms of collecting of a debt as will reduce time given by Corporation to carrying out of investigations and information actions.


From the client  is required the granting of the power of attorney on the right of representation of its interests and signing of the contract on granting of services also.